When Disaster Struck, This Tiny Oregon Town Was On Its Own

When a winter storm hit Elkton, Oregon, heavy winds tore thousands of Douglas Fir trees from their roots, blocking all roads leading out of town. The town lost all electronic communication. That meant no cell service, no internet, no calling 911 for help. Elkton was basically on its own for days.

Beyond Smoke: Deficits, High Turnover Challenge Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Today more than 300,000 people travel to Ashland to watch an Oregon Shakespeare Festival performance during its eight-month long schedule. That's a lot of foot traffic for a small city of about 22,000 people. So when locals heard that the company suffered a $2-million hit last summer, they took notice.

Amid Violence Against Native Women: Lax Policing, Bad Data, and a Decades-Old Policy

Native and indigenous women have cried out for decades against the high rates of violence inflicted against them. Native women advocates say this violence continues in part because of lax law enforcement, poor record keeping, and a decades-old Supreme Court decision.

Some Fire Evacuees Refused To Be Separated From Their Pets

A wildfire evacuation shelter near Redding, California, became overwhelmed with people refusing to separate from their pets, so volunteers set up a warehouse where people could sleep next to their creatures and get free vet services. A version of this story also aired on NPR's Morning Edition.

People Seek 'Designer Masks' After Weeks of Smoky Days

Dozens of wildfires are filling the West Coast skies with thick smoke. In Southern Oregon, unhealthy air has forced people to wear smoke-filtering masks almost every day for more than a month. It has become part of the norm.

Redding Rallies Amid Carr Fire Tragedy

The Carr Fire destroyed more than 1,000 homes in Redding, California. Still, evacuees at an evacuation shelter connected through small moments of kindness. A version of this story also aired on KQED and OPB.


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