Foster care rates skyrocketing amid

drug addiction in southern Oregon

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Foster care rates skyrocketing amid drug addiction in southern Oregon

As more parents become addicted to methamphetamine and opioids in rural southern Oregon, the more children enter the state's overburdened foster care system.

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As motels ban locals, long-term guests struggle to make ends meet
Oregon's affordable housing shortage has forced many families to seek temporary shelter in motels. Meanwhile, motels have stopped renting rooms to local residents.
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Roseburg armory exposes renters to toxic lead
Poor record-keeping, miscommunication and insufficient funding led the National Guard to continue renting a local armory for events, despite it being highly polluted with brain-damaging lead dust. This story won first place in investigative reporting in the 2016 Northwest Excellence in Journalism contest.
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“…we had to do the best we could."

Mobile home residents across rural Oregon faced a number of hurdles as an affordable housing shortage swept the nation. This was a three-part series.

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'Zombie homes' drag down values, increase crime
The downtown district of a rural Oregon town had become overrun with "zombie homes" after the 2007 housing collapse. By 2017, it had yet to recover. While several homes sit vacant, the area continued to experience a housing shortage.
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Early settlers in Oregon's canyonland made do without roads; if it gets a wilderness designation, oil and gas industries might have to do the same.
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Torched tent exposes dangers of homelessness
Living on the streets is dangerous. Star can tell you, because she has been attacked several times. Her story reflects the everyday dangers people face when they are homeless.

"We've got to look out for each other. That's the only way to do it."